Training is a key part of Human Resource Development. High-Impact Consulting Group’s main areas of training include:

  • Employee Engagement & Performance Improvement
  • High-Impact Leadership
  • How to Excel at Work
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Team Building
  • Customized Training

We also provide training in:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Marketing
  • Retail Sales
  • Strategic Planning

Participants find our training very beneficial, and rate our workshops highly. Here is a sample of what some of the participants said about our training workshops:

  • “The course content was on point. All areas were relevant and the pace was comfortable. I am thrilled to have attended this course and feel more confident in managing my team and training and developing my managers as well.” – D. Gibson, Performance Management Training Workshop.
  • “The seminar has opened my mind a great deal and it has me excited about what will happen next in my life as I start to use the information for my personal development and advancement. It has given me the motivation to excel at work and be the best and continue to be the best at whatever I do, but also not to leave others behind while pursuing development.” – A. Edwards, How to Excel at Work.
  • “I found this workshop to be quite interesting and relevant for today’s workforce. The contents are current and Dr. Roberts keeps it practical, lively and fun. Highly recommended.” – A. Heron, How to Excel at Work.
  • “Once again a very interesting, useful, informative and enjoyable day. Dr. Nella Roberts delivers the subject matter in a comprehensible manner and encourages participation/questions etc. By using different approaches and learning styles the workshops are kept fresh, up to date and engaging. Very useful, not only in the workplace, but also in personal every day life.” – Anonymous, How to Excel at Work.
  • “It was very meaningful to all of us. Well done! The sessions were wonderful” – Dr. M.S., Personal Development workshop.
  • “Everything about the workshop and its presentations was really good” – G. Medford, Employee Engagement workshop.
  • “Great 2 days! Looking forward to using what I learned” – FC, Marketing workshop.
  • “The workshop was excellent and I think a huge benefit to us.” – F. Taylor, Teambuilding workshop
  • “It was a pleasure being in the workshop. I have learned things that I never knew I  would have had interest in. I will take what I have learned and put all into use.” – Anonymous, Customer Loyalty workshop.

After 90 days

  • “Thank you for your supervisory skills workshop. Since then I have been promoted and received an increase in salary. I thank you for your leadership in making my job easy and planning better.” – OT
  • “As you would have been aware at the time of the leadership workshop, I was currently one of my organization’s junior employees, not involved in a leadership role. However, I had acted for a couple senior employees on several occasions. Recently, one of them resigned and as I was already involved in the work that was being done, I decided to apply for the post and having gone through the interview process, I was selected the best candidate and was promoted last Friday to a management position. Currently, I am also pursuing a professional qualification in this new area. Therefore, this is the beginning of my journey within a leadership role. I plan to put what you have taught into practice going forward. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experiences with others that would assist in their development. ” – MLQ

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