Teambuilding Workshop

Workshop Objectives: To help participants increase their knowledge, improve their skills, and enhance their attitude towards teamwork, learn to work more effectively as a team, and become more productive and successful.

Workshop Description: This workshop is customized for businesses and organizations that want to increase the effectiveness of their teams. It covers several key elements of teambuilding and team-members learn more about each other and how to work better together as a team. Teambuilding activities include individual and group exercises and challenges that require cooperation.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Better understand the dynamics of teamwork
2. Communicate more effectively with team members
3. Reduce conflict among team members
4. Perform at a higher level and be more effective as a team

Topics Include:
• The basics of teamwork
• Team members’ roles and responsibilities
• Personality and teamwork
• How to communicate more effectively as a team
• Problem solving and decision making in teams
• How to manage conflict
• Team leadership
• How to be more effective as a team

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