Shaharyar Ali Khan

Shaharyar Ali KhanHigh-Impact Consulting Group is a company with an international group of professionals, most of whom have advanced degrees and a wealth of experience in their fields. Our Associates include entrepreneurs, business executives, university professors and organization leaders. We have experience working in several Caribbean countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, and other countries around the world. We are a group of dynamic individuals who are passionate about our work and making a high impact on the individuals, businesses, and organizations that we work with. Our key people include Dr. Nella Godfryd (President & Chief Executive Officer), Luke Roberts (Vice President, Research & Innovation), and Shaharyar Ali Khan (Senior Consultant).

Shaharyar Ali Khan (Ali) is a high energy, customer centric business development leader and consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. He has attended several training programs and received certificates from institutions such as Ashridge Business School (Hilton International Career Development Program), the International Institute for Management Development (Commercial Enterprise), London Business School (General Manager’s Development Program), and Cornell University (Advanced Hotel Investment & Real Estate Assets). Ali has over 20 years’ experience in hotel management with Hilton Worldwide Hotels and Resorts and he has worked on every continent.

Ali’s competencies include increasing profitability, cost controls, compliance, brand and business development, team engagement and development, service transformation and optimization, customer retention and loyalty, and Balance Scorecard. He has excellent analytical skills and the ability to identify unique opportunities to focus and increase sales and profit and community engagement. Ali is an expert at improving service quality, customer experience, REVPAR growth, and rental and retail space management, thereby enhancing the value of the business and owner’s equity. His specialties also include change management and restructuring businesses.

While working as the General Manager of the former Hilton hotel in St. Lucia, and the Trinidad & Tobago Hilton Hotel, Ali hosted several dignitaries, including Commonwealth Heads of Government, HRH Prince Charles, and former Presidents Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Ali also received the Prime Minister’s Award (Trinidad & Tobago) for Innovation and Invention in Human Resource Development twice. Ali is a former Chairman of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Cornell Hotel Society, the Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group and the World Affairs Council.  Ali also conducts training, develops strategies, restructures, repositions, and rebrands hotels.