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High-Impact Consulting Group announces new Hospitality Consultant

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados. High-Impact Consulting Group, a human resource development company that operates in the Caribbean, is pleased to announce that Shaharyar Ali Khan has joined the company as a Senior Consultant for the hospitality industry.

Shaharyar Ali Khan


Mr. Khan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, and over 20 years’ experience in hotel management with Hilton Worldwide Hotels and Resorts. His competencies include increasing profitability, cost controls, compliance, brand and business development, team engagement and development, service transformation and optimization, customer retention and loyalty, and Balance Scorecard. Mr. Khan is an expert at improving service quality, customer experience, REVPAR growth, and rental and retail space management, thereby enhancing the value of the business and owner’s equity. In addition to consulting, Mr. Khan will be facilitating training for hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry.

“The addition of Shaharyar Ali Khan to our team, is an important step for High-Impact Consulting Group, as we continue to focus on developing human resources in the Caribbean, and on the hospitality industry,” said Dr. Nella Ann Roberts, CEO of the company. “The greatest asset in any business or organization is its human resources or people, and human resource development is a critical success factor.”

Mr. Khan is delighted to be a part of High-Impact Consulting Group and is looking forward to his new role. “I want to use my knowledge and experience to help businesses in the Caribbean, especially the hotels, become more successful,” he said.

While working as the General Manager of the former Hilton Hotel in St. Lucia, and the Trinidad & Tobago Hilton Hotel, Mr. Khan hosted several dignitaries, including Commonwealth Heads of Government, HRH Prince Charles, and former Presidents Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Mr. Khan received the Prime Minister’s Award (Trinidad & Tobago) for Innovation and Invention in Human Resource Development twice. He is a former Chairman of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Cornell Hotel Society, the Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group and the World Affairs Council.

For more information:

Email or call (246)254-6889 or (786)233-3167.




(New Book by Dr. Nella Ann Roberts)

enjoy-your-life-to-the-max-cover-5r“Many people struggle to enjoy their lives or wish they could enjoy them more. Some of the reasons for this are: (a) believing they need more resources, (b) wishing they had better relationships with others, (c) focusing predominantly on the past or the future, (d) not knowing how to enjoy their lives more, (e) needing to be reminded or motivated to enjoy their lives more, and (f) it is a challenge for them to enjoy their lives more…

If you are struggling to enjoy your life, or wish you could enjoy it more, then this book is for you. In it I share with you 31 free or inexpensive things you can do to help you enjoy your life to the max. Enjoying one’s life to the max means living fully and having the best possible experience that makes you happy. You do this on a daily basis. As you focus on living fully and having the best possible experience from every day, you will enjoy your life to the max, and you will be a happier person.

This book will help you enjoy your life to the max. It is written in a concise manner with simple, practical things you can do beginning today. Some things may be new to you and others may be reminders (as they are for me). Many of us need to be reminded about certain things at times, including making enjoying our lives one of our priorities.

There are 31 short chapters in this book and I encourage you to read one every day for the next 31 days and do the exercises at the end of each chapter before going on to the next chapter. As you do so, remember, knowledge is not power. It is the application of knowledge that is power. Apply what you learn and focus on enjoying your day to the max.” (Book excerpt)

God wants you to have a good, full life, and there are many free and inexpensive things you can do to enjoy your life, beginning today. Some of the things discussed in this book include:

  • Taking time for yourself
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Also included are real life stories, tips, and exercises to help you enjoy your life every day and make it a habit to do so. When you do this daily, you will enjoy your life to the max.

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