How to Motivate & Improve Yourself

Workshop Objective: The primary objective of this training workshop is to help participants learn to motivate and improve themselves so they can be more successful and have a better life.

Workshop Description: This short workshop is designed to help participants take more responsibility for themselves and action to improve themselves and their lives. Participants will be required to develop and work on a plan to improve themselves and their lives using guidelines provided during the workshop. They will also be required to attend a free follow-up group session (in November), report on the actions they have taken, and receive further guidance as necessary.

 Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Better understand how to motivate themselves to improve their lives
  • Learn and be able to use some quick and easy ways to improve themselves

Topics include:

  • The importance of motivation for success
  • Assessing your level of motivation
  • Identifying and addressing factors that affect your progress
  • 31 ways to motivate yourself
  • Assessing your current situation
  • 20 quick and easy ways to improve your life
  • Taking action for success

Facilitator: Dr. Nella Godfryd, CEO: High-Impact Consulting Group


For more information, email, or call (786) 233-3167.

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