Luke Roberts

Luke 2017High-Impact Consulting Group is a company with an international group of professionals, most of whom have advanced degrees and a wealth of experience in their fields. Our Associates include entrepreneurs, business executives, university professors and organization leaders. We have experience working in several Caribbean countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, and other countries around the world. We are a group of dynamic individuals who are passionate about our work and making a high impact on the individuals, businesses, and organizations that we work with. Our key people include Dr. Nella Godfryd (President & Chief Executive Officer), Luke Roberts (Vice President, Research & Innovation), and Shaharyar Ali Khan (Senior Consultant).

Luke Roberts is a British trained lawyer and Consultant. Luke also has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and another in Educational Research. He is working on his doctorate in Restorative Approaches to Conflict, Organizational Change, and Complexity Theory at Cambridge University. Luke is the Chair of the Cambridge Peace Education Research Group. He has a range of expertise to support a wide variety of business needs. Luke’s expertise include conflict resolution and systems thinking. He is a strategic thinker who enjoys helping people think creatively about challenges and solutions. Luke has strategically managed pan-London projects to help build creativity in organizations and assist with culture change. He assists clients in both the private and public sector with organizational learning to embed sustainable models and build good practice.

Luke is an inspiring speaker who delivers presentations and facilitates workshops at many conferences. His workshops offer participants opportunities to reflect on their practice in a fun and engaging way. He has developed a range of research projects in the UK and internationally, and also worked with professors in New York and students at Harvard University to pilot cutting edge research on cultural perceptions compared to actual behavior with 12 schools in the U.K.

Luke is a Trustee with the Restorative Justice Council, the national body in the UK for conflict resolution through the use of restorative justice, with the remit for children and young people. He is also principal advisor to the London Metropolitan Police on training and evaluation.