High-Impact Leadership Workshop

Workshop Objectives: To help participants gain insight into their leadership abilities, identify areas for development, and learn how to improve their leadership and create a high impact on their business or organization.

Workshop Description: This 2-day Leadership Development workshop is designed to provide an overview of leadership theories and their applications, and the nature and requirements for high-impact leadership. It includes individual exercises, group sessions, and an Action Plan that participants will create for developing their leadership potential, becoming a high-impact leader, and creating a high impact on their business or organization. Participants will be given a 90-day challenge and will be asked to submit a report on their progress at the end of the 90 days.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the nature of high-impact leadership and its potential impact on their business or organization
2. Understand the competencies and qualities of a high-impact leader and their own strengths and development needs in light of these competencies and qualities
3. Deal more effectively with some common leadership challenges
4. Develop an Action Plan for developing themselves as a high-impact leader who creates outstanding results in their business or organization.

Topics Include:
The Nature of Leadership
An Overview of Leadership Theories & Applications
Competencies of a High-Impact Leader
Qualities of a High-Impact Leader
How to Become a High-Impact Leader
How to deal with some common leadership challenges
How to create a high-impact on your business or organization

For more information, email CSS@HighImpactConsultingGroup.com, or call (786) 233-3167.

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