Employee Engagement & Performance Improvement Workshop

Workshop Objectives: To assist supervisors, managers, and employers with identifying some of the underlying causes of poor employee performance and low productivity, and to help them learn how to create a more engaged workforce to improve the performance of their business or organization.

Workshop Description: This highly interactive workshop is designed to provide the basics of employee engagement and strategies that can be used to help employees be more productive and successful at work. It includes individual and group exercises and a 90-day Action Plan that participants will develop for creating a more engaged workforce and improving their employees and business or organization’s performance. Participants will be asked to submit a report on their progress at the end of the 90 days.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to: (a) Understand the factors that influence employee engagement and be able to identify which of these factors affect the performance of their employees, (b) Learn how to help their employees improve their performance, and (c) Learn how to create and sustain a high performance culture that helps their business or organization improve its performance

Topics Include:
• Factors that affect the way employees work
• Principles for creating an engaged workforce
• How to help your employees improve their performance
• How to motivate your employees
• How to improve the performance of your business through human resource development
• How to create and sustain a high performance culture

Facilitator: Dr. Nella Godfryd, CEO, High-Impact Consulting Group. Dr. Roberts has a doctorate in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, an MBA in Marketing Management, a B.Sc. in Economics & Accounting, and a Diploma in Hospitality Management. She also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in several industries. Dr. Godfryd facilitates training in Barbados and other Caribbean countries, and is also a motivational speaker and author.  Read more

Click here to register for the Employee Engagement & Performance Improvement training workshop, email CSS@HighImpactConsultingGroup.com, or call (786) 233-3167. This workshop can also be customized for your business or organization and conducted at a location of your choice.

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