Human resource development is a process that facilitates the development of human abilities. The term “human resource development” is used in the context of organizations and in broader contexts such as developing individuals within a country or society. The most valuable resource in any organization, country, or society is its people, also referred to as “human resources.” Our focus is primarily on human resource development within organizations – both businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Human resource development (HRD) is a key part of human resource management and includes training and development, career development, and performance management. HRD is very important in helping individuals increase their knowledge, improve their skills, and enhance their attitude so that they can become more competent and productive, and help their businesses or organizations develop, improve, and succeed.

High-Impact Consulting Group helps individuals, businesses, and organizations improve themselves using multiple approaches including:

• Action Learning
• Career Development
• Organization Development
• Performance Improvement
• Performance Management

Businesses and organizations succeed through the work of their employees. Having a superior workforce can be or lead to a competitive advantage.

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